How to get YouTube subscribers

YouTube has more than 1 billion users which makes YouTube one of the most popular website around the world while there is no any other video sharing website which has reached to 1 billion users now. So, YouTube can be used for many other purposes rather than watching videos, movies or daily shows. Especially in today’s world when social media and online marketing play an important role in the promotion of business, YouTube can be a completely game changer for business because it provides “video” content which is to watch as compare to reading content.


If you do not have business then you can use YouTube to get celebrity status. There are thousands of YouTubers who are famous worldwide and it’s all done through simply creating a YouTube channel, then why not you?


To be popular on YouTube, get views on your videos and likes you have to get subscribers on your YouTube video channel. Remembered that if you do not have subscribers then you all hard work of creating video may be waste. So, let’s learn how to get subscribers on youtube. Today i am sharing some simple but effective tips with you to get free YouTube subscribers.


Create a video what people are looking for

YouTube has more than 1 billion users who watch daily billions of hours on YouTube. Most of these people do not watch famous shows which appear on TV but people come to YouTube to watch something new, which can’t be found on TV. So, to get free YouTube subscribers you have to first search that what are people looking for? This can be done through different keyword tools. Google keyword tool is 100% free and show most accurate result. Use Google keyword tool to find out what people are looking for. Once you get your niche then start making videos on it.


Use keyword in your user name

Do you know when you search something in YouTube, the search result also show the link of YouTube channels at the top of search result? So, how about putting keyword in user name to appear in search result every time people search content relevant to your YouTube channel? Definitely, you will also put the relevant information in your YouTube channel to make it more search engine friendly


Put keywords in your video title, description and tags

Once you know what people are looking for. Incorporate keywords in your video title. This will bring your video in search result, which means you will get free YouTube subscribers, likes and video views. Putting a relevant and well explained description is also a great way to brining your video in search result. Remembered that our motive is to appear in search result and get free YouTube subscribers through it.


Create video frequently

The above three steps will start bringing free YouTube subscribers to your video channel. Once you start getting subscribers, it is very important that you create content frequently to keep your subscribers engaged with your channel. It is a great way to upload video and same time of the week, just like a TV show.